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Question about coat color (bicolor)

Okay I have a czech line female bicolor that I know is bicolor

Then I have another female sister to the above female. Im wondering what color she would be considered. If she is a bicolor, or if shes a solid black with bleedthru. I had someone say they never seen a bicolor so dark. Heres pics of her, please note shes not an outside dog, and she wasn't socialized. I just recently got her. I had her sister since april. So Im still working with her. Shes happy to be back with her sister tho both are 1 and a half years old.

Question about coat color (bicolor)-10602762_10203991953946860_1348912300_n.jpg

Question about coat color (bicolor)-10602829_10203984471799811_924816367_n.jpg

Question about coat color (bicolor)-10609383_10203991952066813_1852011439_n.jpg

Question about coat color (bicolor)-10622250_10203983869584756_1389324847_n.jpg

Mojo Black/red Bicolor F 5/14/2013
Treu Solid black/bleedthru F 5/14/2013
Tiki White M 09/07/2012
Samson black/red M 08/12/2008
Mya black/tan F 10/25/2012
Radar black/silver M
Misty black/red F 1/10/2012
Aramis black/red M 10/30/2012
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