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Noisy in the car!

Hey there everyone, long time no type!

Bear is a three year old male, lovely in most other aspects, but is very noisy in the car.

He gets so excited! I have a station wagon and a grille installed so Bear and Fred are confined to the back.

Fred is fine, a very urbane passenger, and Bear when he was young was also a very quiet and well behaved car-rider. As he got older though he got gradually noisier.

Whining, yelping, rushing back and forth in the enclosure. Very vocal in general, with lots of variety. He will settle while we are highway driving, but as we get into town, slow down and going round corners he will act up. When we get closer to a place he knows, the noise reaches a crescendo.

He will respond to commands to Sit, and he (I think) knows what the command "Settle" means as he will either sit or lie down and be quiet, but it is short lived. Back up and noisy in seconds.

What can I do to settle this down? It is very distracting for me, and not at all pleasant for someone sitting in the back set of the car and getting this in the ear.

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