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first day work the ecollar

Not sure if our first session went well or not. Just bought a dogtra 1500ncp off of eBay. I charged it for 3+hrs, but it died after only 30 minutes, so I'm not sure if it needs a new battery, maybe it just needs to be charged longer.

, I'm having trouble finding my boy's working level. I didn't see any reaction, just fur twitching at level 40 (out of 100). Shortly after, it was dying, so we just went on a walk.

Any advice? I tried to do some recall work (per Lou castles protocol) so I turned down a bit from 40, but I didn't think he was feeling it.

I think he wore an ecollar at the rescue, but I'm not sure what his experience was. When he tried another brand, he didn't feel the stim until 5 out of 7. So I don't know if 40 is just the level to work at or not. I don't want to fry the boy!
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