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Arthritis help


I have made posts on this forum before, but it was many years ago now. Unfortunately my life has kept me busy and I haven't had as much time to devote to keeping up on reading the forum (I did read more then I posted).

Here is a link to my GSD's (Mona) story: Mona update

I will attempt to keep my story short and to the point, but I make no promises :P

My wonderful Mona turned 10 years old this year. She acts youthful most of the time, so I have to remind myself she is a senior citizen. She still runs around like a fool. She never seems to have 'off' or sore days, which I expected since she broke her pelvis and it healed naturally without any medical intervention (so it really looks impaired on xrays). She has never been on any supplements or products for arthritis.

Her liver values were off a few months ago. I elected to xray in order to see if her liver seemed enlarged. Although we discovered her liver appeared healthy, her back had some brutal arthritis. I'll post a photo later, but it looks as though she should be in a lot of pain. She must have been hiding it well, as I hadn't noticed anything. No pain, nor any limitations in her movements.

Now, I'm considering putting her on medication to help alleviate her presumed pain and do the best I can to slow its progress.

I've considered putting her on short term metacam to use on days where it should be hurting her (because, again, she wouldn't let me know, however I figure if I'm hurting due to air pressure changes, then she should be too), however, she isn't a good candidate due to her elevated liver values.

The vets (I work at a vet clinic, so I have picked everybody's brain about it) have suggested a few different products, although it seems like no one has glowing reviews about any product. Everyone just looks on what is on the shelf and recommends something that is in stock.

A vet has recommended a cartrophen injection, which I'm not adverse to, as long as I see benefits for what I'm paying. Additionally, I do have access to a laser therapy machine, which I have seen amazing results with other dogs. That being said, she isn't a sit still for 20 minutes type of dog, so I'm not sure if it would be the best thing for her.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any suggestions or opinions

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