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Originally Posted by GSD Owner in Training :-) View Post
I just can't believe it took the vet tech 3 tries and the vet herself 2 tries to finally get a vein. Is it normal to have such an issue finding a vein or do I just have a crummy vet tech/veterinarian?
Depends. My vet jokes that Keefer has chihuahua veins, and it's taken a few tries to get blood from him before, even with experienced techs. They've never had a problem with any of my other dogs before, so it's just his veins. He had blood taken a week ago for a thyroid test, and the tech didn't have much trouble getting a vein, but he discovered that he needs to wait a few seconds for the tube to start filling, so patience is key. Now that he knows the trick, it should be easier next time.
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