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Unhappy Kato did not do great with blood work and not impressed with vet tech/vet

Not fully sure if this goes here.

Kato got his blood taken today to check for heart worm. It's the first time he's had blood taken. He's had shots and check ups and has done amazing with all of them. No aggression, no fear, he's happy to go to the vets, loves everyone. But today they couldn't find a vein and had to do all 4 legs. He snapped when they tried to do his second leg and had to be muzzled just as a precaution. I felt so bad for him as he's never been muzzled before. He was totally freaked out and it didn't help he heard a cat howling in the waiting room. We ended up having to hold him down while the vet (she got called in because vet tech couldn't get it in 3 of the legs) did his 4th leg. I feel like this was a very traumatic experience for him and am hoping it does not change his happy go lucky attitude about the vets. As soon as the blood was finally take. 25 min after the first try we took his muzzle of and he was really good. No snapping or growling and let everyone pet him again.
I just get nervous that one to many situations like this could have the affect if turning him agressive. We are starting a manners class on Thursday which the vet tech does at the vet clinic. So I'm hoping that will help re establish good things come from there. I know it won't be the most amazing manners class but we needed something in the meantime for him and I to do for bonding as well as getting him out socializing. This way we can save up and in 2/3 months we can get him into a more advanced trainer and hopefully make it to Tracking or agility.

I just can't believe it took the vet tech 3 tries and the vet herself 2 tries to finally get a vein. Is it normal to have such an issue finding a vein or do I just have a crummy vet tech/veterinarian?

Sorry for the long story/semi rant.
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