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Seeking knowledge 1st breeding

Last time I posted here it turned into a war when I sought guidance. So please don't waste my time or yours. I am breeding my girl in Sept with a reputable breeder from Germany. Both dogs are N/N on DM test, A stamp rating from the German SV on hips & elbows.
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I want to be prepared to have a healthy litter of awesome pups! My girl gets a Raw/ kibble mix, Longevity & coconut or safflower oil plus fish oil. Is there anything else I should give to help her?
Vet just checked her out yesterday to make sure she was in optimal health. We discussed her std test, & vaginal swabbing for the best time to make the drive to the male.
Once she is bred is there anything extra I can give to being it the pups mentally or physically? Vitamin A?
Once pups are here I plan to see vet to check pups. I will vaccinate, worm & plan to have pups micro-chipped before they leave at 10 weeks . That way I can keep track of them in case they are list or ever end up in a shelter!
I will also have a contract guaranteeing health of pups.
Is there anything else that I could or should do that I havnt thought about? I'm freaked out & just want the best for my girl. & her pups! I do have 5 pups already spoken for & I'm not advertising before I know she is bred.
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