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First Raw Feeding

First off just wanted to thank everyone on the forum who has assisted me in starting raw. This will be my first post but I have been scrolling through threads for a long time before I finally felt comfortable enough to start raw. So thank you to everyone who has contributed to these threads about feeding puppies raw.

Last night we did our first raw feeding for 12 week old GSD. We started out with just one chicken back and also did the same thing this morning. He did awesome and ate the bones and all. My question is what should I go with next? Would feeding chicken backs in the A.M and chicken breast at night be the next move or should I stay with chicken backs for the next couple of days?

Also had a question about sanitation. He is still in the bitey stage and loves to bite us whenever he can get his hands on us. Is this something we should be concerned about especially after he eats? Is there any extra precautions to take when feeding raw to ensure that we do not catch any diseases or anything like that from the chicken?
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