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And now we have baby squirrels...

4am and Midnite is asking to go out, so I get up and let him out, trying not to open my eyes so I can go right back to sleep. He runs to the dog run area and noticed a whole bunch of branches between the run and the fence, but I still don't want to be awake. Then Midnite gets real interested in the area and starts wagging his tail and looking at me. I'm thinking its a toad but then I see something move and it's not a toad. I get him in the house and run to my work to get a heavy duty flashlight, a box, and a guys phone number that does wildlife work. I get home to investigate and find that there are two baby squirrels. I quickly decide this isn't a safe place for them and spend the next hour and a half catching them. I don't even know how I squeezed into the area, I kept thinking I was going to get stuck. Finally I got both of them into an empty pool with their whole nest. I don't think they are big enough to be on their own and I don't want them coming back to the yard, so I'm either taking them to the wildlife center so they can determine if they are old enough to release or the wildlife guy can release them. Hopefully they stay put and I don't have to catch them again. I am now wide awake, I hope Midnite is happy

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