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Such Devotion (+ assorted Trent pictures)

This is devotion and love in its truest form -

Me: "Selfie for National Dog Day?"
Trent: "No thanks, Mom. Just ice cream for me please".

Pro tip for anyone breaking in to my house: bring ice cream. Anyway, here are some more random pictures from our summer so far; most are recent but there are a few from the past months, too.

I like my dogs served with two cups of crazy

Or as a dinosaur

Fashionable Dinosaur Dog is no longer amused

He's pretty good at just being a dog, too. 5 1/2 years old.

Brought him to work with me last week after hours - didn't get much done work-wise

"Look mom, I found you this pretty snake! Girls like snakes, right?" (just kidding - this snake's a pet, Trent definitely didn't find him. I do like snakes, though!)

On the move. Yeah, that's a rock in his mouth

Some more from our day at the beach (haven't gotten to editing them all yet)

This is how he "rests". The destructiveness AND possessiveness runs strong in this dog... I think I got a good one.

Bonus gifs: I am a terrible trainer and Trent is a snot

This is his response to "sit pretty" when he's in one of those moods

And this is him "giving paw" (paws??? I only asked for one!)

Actual video of the sit pretty fail. Side note - I DO know I broke two million training rules. Let me have my fun!

Here's proof that he actually CAN do it

"Trent" Qodiak vom HausReid - German Shepherd Dog
"Trash" Bite Risk vom Feuergarten - German Shepherd Dog
"Siege" Zala IPO1 - Belgian Malinois
"Legion" Havoc vom Winter Storm - Belgian Malinois
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