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The Neo dump (walk me through puppyhood)

Hello everyone

I just got my 11 weeks old puppy (a few hours ago) from Jinopo and I am already facing challenges so I will try to consolidate all my questions in one thread as it will be easier for me to track .

The pre-buying phase of Neo can be found here Thoughts on pedigree please... for those interested.

Neo left Prage on the 28th and arrived here on the 29th shortly after 23h that was a long trip for him and quite exhausting I assume.

By the time we arrived home, gave him to drink / eat a quick bath and meeting the kids it was already 1 am, so I crated him again with a chewing toy

Challenge 1: although I was prepared for the whining of the first night I didn't expect him to have such a powerful voice :S and letting him cry his heart out is not really an option as I have 2 kids a wife and very intolerant neighbors. So I waited for the time when he was calm and entered the room he is crated to setup on the couch and stayed there.

He still whined but not hard enough to wake anyone, I spent 4 hours by his side my hand on the crate and I don't think he slept more than 1 or 2 hours in that time.

So far all is good I don't really mind not sleeping a lot but I need to know I will be able to sleep in my bed again soon. Did I do anything wrong by staying with him the night ?

Challenge 2: at 4:30 am He was awake and calm and I was awake too so I thought of giving him a potty break and I did. unfortunately when we came back he was all excited again (I didn't play with him, only praised him when he pottied) and started barking and whining loudly again in the few seconds it took me to go wash my hands and come back.

Do you think I could have let him straight till 6 or 7 am without potty break ?

Challenge 3: his stool is very watery should I be concerned or is it too soon and should give him a few days to settle in ?

on the positive side the night went through without accidents in the crate

p.s. it is barely 6 am and I slept only 2 hours last night lol and he is right now in the crate next to me whining softly

Thanks for your help
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