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I'm just starting the process you are already on...

So far, everywhere we go in the motor home. the dog goes. Fortunately, she's completely at ease...hangs outside with us calmly while we relax. We also bring a small boat as we enjoy cruising the lakes and fishing etc.....once again the dog is completely mellow aboard.

However, I considered exactly what you are asking.."what if". We have a large crate we carry with us and I have yet to use it in the motor home. If I did, I brought blankets to cover most of it and of course would obscure any views which would bring any motion from outside to her. But my problem is, if it's means I am relying on the A/C to keep her comfortable...and I am a worrywart...don't know if I trust an RV A/C and a RV park's electrical system.

Anyway, test your dog out in the crate....start easy....later make some noises outside where she can hear you and see how she does. Do this before you hit the road...

Oh, I've never used a crate before this ( 3 GSDs over the years )....but I was surprised test running the motor home experiment and it seemed pretty good. Taking the visual stimuli out of the equation makes a difference....but these GSDs sure have good hearing.......maybe some music for her..who knows???

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