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New Friend for my 1 Year Old

I am looking for a new friend / companion for my 13 month old GSD. When I first got him, I had a girlfriend living with me and we had a smaller dog who he grew up with from 5 weeks old. We split and the smaller dog no longer lives there so Diesel has been alone with me for the past 4 months.

Diesel gets extremely upset when I leave for work for the day and he has acted out a few times while I've been gone this week.

I am looking to adopt another dog near his age and am curious if it would be better to get a male or female

Diesel has been fixed and is my best friend who is always by my side and demanding attention the whole time. Would getting another dog help or worsen the situation?

I recently found a 1 year old Hovawart female at the shelter near my house. Has anyone had experience with a GSD and a Hovawart?
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