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1st Time GSD owner and 1st Dog

Hi guys,

my name is Kelcie and I'm getting my puppy in 2 weeks! I've always wanted a dog (since I was 4) and I moved out to Boston to do my phD and i decided I've waited long enough.

He's a gorgeous plush/long stock coated male named Ezreal (Easy for short). I got him from a breeder called Cappa's Kennels in NH, it was a big litter (9 pups, 5 girls 4 boys) and I had first pick.

I knew I wanted a boy but my main priority was finding the right temperament. I want to train this little guy to be a therapy dog. My younger sister has cerebral palsy and I want him to be her buddy when I'm finally done with school and I move back home.

Right now he's 7 weeks old and cute as a button. I'm a total newbie when it comes to dogs but I've done my research and I hope to be a great owner and raise a wonderful dog. I welcome any advice!

- second from the left
- meeting my cat for the first time at the breeders
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