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Our new GSD pups!

Sorry in advance for lengthy post. We brought our little boys home 9 days ago and have been enjoying settling into our new life with these sweet little land sharks. Meet Trapper and Hawkeye (male litter mates). To all of you who tried so hard to discourage us from getting litter mates……….I get it!!! Holy Toledo is this a monumental challenge! My husband and I have devoted 24/7 to these puppies since the moment we brought them home. We haven't had a normal night's sleep and don't anticipate one for a while yet. But the puppies seem to be doing well so far. They are crate trained and they know a few basic commands (Hawkeye is more mature than Trapper for some reason and has made slight better progress). Hawekeye's ears are up, Trappers are not. They have met about 50 people this week. They spend time during the day with my husband in his "man cave/workshop" so are exposed to lots of power tool noises. They have taken a few, short (slow) 4-wheeler rides and have been in the pool a couple of times (in my arms for a couple of minutes).
They are unflappable at this point. Currently are sound asleep in their kennels during a house-shaking thunderstorm….they just don't seem to care.
We realize having litter mates may not work out but we remain optimistic. If they show signs of compromise related to living as litter mates we will consider doing what is best for them, even if it means re-homing one (can't imagine having to make that decision as we are madly in love with both of course). However, will do what's best for them.
I have tons of questions but will start with one…….these boys play/wrestle all the time when together (and they seek each other out to play). Hawkeye is 10 pounds and Trapper is only 8 pounds. Hawkeye invariable is too rough with Trapper (bites an ear) or bites a leg, etc. Is this normal and when/how should we separate them? Will post pictures soon.
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