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Default Questions on HD

If you have read my comments in other threads, I have mentioned that I suspect my 9 months old pup has HD, mainly because the vet (not my usual one) said so when I brought her in because she was limping. She is no longer limping though but I am still scared because she has had some really bad slips on wet floors when she was younger. She still doesn't show any of the symptoms I read online and some of them are natural in show lines or so I read. I don't feel any popping when I put my hands on her hips while she walks and she still loves playing, has no difficulty getting up, runs, trots, you get the point but I figured it could still be too early. It is really hard finding a vet with x-ray here and I read some really bad reviews such as false diagnosis of the only one I knew. So if there is any other symptoms that you know of please do tell me. On a happier note, I wanted to share some pictures I took of her today
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