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Originally Posted by brazilian View Post
Hi. I am new to this forum and would appreciate your help. I will be getting a male puppy very soon (3 and a half months). He seems to be very focused and with a good food drive. We have a backyard surrounded by walls. Some parts are paved and some are covered by grass. My wife will not let him inside the house (and I am not fighting her on this) and she is afraid that he will turn the backyard into a mess, dirty. Is it possible to train him to use always a regular place? Does it last after he gets territorial or, as some people told us, he will then mark every piece of wall and floor? Is it true that spayed males don't get territorial and it would help us? Thank you for sharing your experience.
I have two male GSDs. One intact two year old, and one neutered five year old. Neither of them mark inside of the house. Both can be territorial of the yard. Both of them mark in the yard.
Both neutered and intact males can mark, though some don't. Neutering won't determine this.
Good luck with your pup!


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