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Default Dear Maija - the best sister a big doofus didn't know

It is with a heavy heart that I say Berlin's dear, beautiful sister Maija has passed away. Only 19 months old - she was struck by a truck last night and suffered substantial injuries, her poor grief stricken owners opted to euthanize.

We had formed a private group on facebook right after we all got the puppies, 5 of us especially with different pups from this litter still talk frequently, share photos and videos and stories, ask for advice. We were even hoping for a meetup next year. I definitely feel very close to this little group.

She was the lone female of our group, our "Princess" for sure.

It is troubling and confusing, how much this is really affecting me. I see death every day at work. I euthanized 2 dogs at work last night. And I felt BAD for them and their owners, but it didn't hit me personally. It almost never does. And even when those close to me lose dogs, I feel bad for them, I feel bad for their dog, but it has never affected me like this. I feel like I lost my own dog. I've been crying non stop since I found out last night.

I know she wasn't my dog. But she was definitely a member of my fur-family. More than anything, I want people to know and remember what a lovely, amazing dog she was.

We ALL love you little Maija, it will not feel the same without you. I wish more than anything I could of seen the beautiful, amazing dog you were destined to become

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