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My 1yr old dog eating habits

My gsd/rottie mix just turned a year old on the 6th and her eating habits are kind of scaring me. At first I fed her twice a day at 8am and 8pm. This was when I lived with a roommate that had three other dogs. Ever since I moved into my own apartment with my girlfriend she hasn't eaten nearly as much as she used to. The bag says 2 1/4 to 3 cups of food a day for her weight size. I feed her Blue Buffalo Life Protection fish recipe. She will only eat once a day (at night) usually once I get back from work at 6pm now. I tried feeding her in the morning but she won't even look at her food. She will only eat about half her food most days and her stomach is getting kind of scary. I have tried mixing things with it like peanut butter and rice and yogurt to see if her stomach is upset, but that doesn't usually work. I am feeding her every day at the same time and nothing has changed. I'm worried that she may just not get excited about eating since there are no other dogs around her. Please advise I really want her eating again. If you have any tips and tricks to remedy this possible "picky eater"...Please let me know.
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