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Help! What to do after surgery?!

So Sandor (our 4 month old white GSD) started throwing up on Tuesday afternoon, kept throwing up through the night and into the morning. He also had a nasty bought of diarrhea.

We took him into the vet on Wednesday morning and they said he had a fever and wanted to do x-rays for a possible bowel obstruction. They gave him antibiotics and fluids, did the x-rays and saw strange gas patterns and were concerned about the placement of his stomach.

They kept him for the day and x-rayed him 2 more times throughout the day/evening. We met the vet at 7:20 pm last night and she went over everything and sent us home with him with instructions to bring him back in the morning for another x-ray to see if surgery was needed.

Brought him back this morning and the new vet on duty does the x-ray says he's still concerned and is 90% sure there is something that needs to be removed. He says he can do a barium test, but that it isn't really necessary since he's 90% sure and then we'd have to wait until tomorrow to do the surgery. He says that if we wait Sandor could get worse, especially if there is an obstruction.

They do the surgery and there is NOTHING there. NOTHING. Not a gosh darn thing. So upset right now that they did an unnecessary surgery on my poor puppy.

So now to my question- We are going to follow up with a new vet, but in the mean time, when we bring him home tonight is there anything I should do to make it easier on him/us?? I was thinking of getting Puppy pads to keep him from having to go down the elevator and outside (we live in a condo). What do I do with him tomorrow, I'll be home with him all day. How do I keep him comfortable??

Please any advice is SO welcome, I'm a new puppy Mom and terrified!!
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