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Which training, and can I combine training?

OK. So I've read a few different threads on here, and by a few I mean a lot over the last few weeks about different training methods.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards clicker training and plan on going to the local library for more books about it.

I am getting an 8 week old, not until the end of November (thats when it will be 8 weeks) so I have plenty of time to do some more study and decide.

That I really want thoughts and opinions on are:

Should I clicker train? I've never done it before. I don't know anyone who has, and the one local dog trainer doesnt use clicker training. However, everything I've seen and read makes it look really good. I don't want a competitive dog or anything like that, just a family dog we can have fun with

Secondly, I've been reading this in regards to house breaking the puppy. Along with some articles about crate training and crate games. I want the dog to sleep in a crate at least until its older, and basically want to know if I can combine this with the clicker.

I'm thinking, that once the dog knows what the clicker is for (accomplished by loading?) that I can use it to teach the bell method and with all the other stuff?

Any help, advice, do's, don'ts are very much appreciated.

The artice I have been reading off for clicker training is here

Hope I made sense, thanks!
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