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1. Before I researched dog nutrition, my family fed all our dogs Beneful. I used to think constant itch and loose hair was just part of being a dog. Glad I did research when I got older. My family still feeds crap brands, but all my dogs will be raw fed from here on out.

2. Relationship building was not a thing when I was a kid. I sort of stumbled into building a working relationship with a rottweiler when I trained him to be a herding dog. But all my family's other dogs were basically furry furniture that we fed. I get sad sometimes when I realize they missed out on a lot of what makes a dog/human relationship great. And I missed out on a lot of it.

3. Our dogs all ate all kinds of terrible stuff around the property. My family wasn't exactly dog-smart so if a dog got himself into some rope and got it bound up in his guts, we didn't think to take him to a vet. Dogs typically didn't fare well on our property unless they stayed to themselves. Anything smaller than a collie inevitably was eaten by coyotes and anything larger ended up fatally injuring itself or consuming something fatal.

Overall, I'm glad I've grown so much and learned a mountain's worth of infortmation since that time. It's definitely helped me become a better dog owner. Also glad I've found my passion in dog training. I still think back sometimes though and I'm always disappointed in how little common sense 12 year old me seemed to possess.
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