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She's still just a puppy. That's what they do. Even as a young pup, when viewing all the videos of the litter, my pup was sniffing everything out. My puppy uses his nose for everything still. One thing I have tried to work on with him are appropriate times to sniff...basically when to and not to sniff. I do this using a food reward for positive behavior. I always have food on me when out with him to encourage him. Now we have a routine when out walking. If its through the neighborhood he remains more focused on me. I potty him prior to going on our walks, so we have a command of "sidewalk". All my dogs, know this to sniffing, we're walking. That way we are not stopping at every mailbox. I live in a residential neighborhood, I don't allow to the use the bathroom on other people's property. If we're out in the woods, park, or beach then I let him explore so he's given "free". It's takes a while, but with consistent practice he's coming along. I do allow him the opportunity to explore his surroundings by making sure our walks include areas where his is allowed to check things out. It keeps him happy and interested thus, building that confidence. Good luck with your pup.


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