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I need to rant!!

Time for a famous Candice rant....

So Hailey (my daughter) and I decide to take Bob Barker for a swim in this spot that we have recently found on a quiet basically dead end road. We have gone several times and had no issues. It's hard to find a spot where Bob doesn't get distracted by other dogs and decide he would rather socialize.
So he his swimming away having a merry ol' time when a man comes jogging down the road. Bob being goofy Bob runs up to say "Hey" ..not barking, not charging, just jaunting up to this new friend he has found....

Well... You would think it was Cujo charging this man with foam frothing at the mouth snarling away by the man screamed bloody murder!!
"You know its a bylaw that dogs need to be on a leash!!" As he keeps running while I apologize and call Bob (who quickly comes back to my side when this man is making it very obvious that he wants Bob no where near him).
"Especially dogs like THAT" , as he points to Bob with disgust.
So... Smart ass me comes out... "Oh you mean puppies that like to say hello?".
He scoffs and continues on his jog.

I understand that people don't like dogs, I understand that people are AFRAID of dogs... But to be so dramatic about it...and just rude... Makes me cringe.

So at this point my blood is boiling, I throw the stick a couple more times, Hailey gets Bob on his lead and we make our way to the car. As I am fixing the sheet on the back seat Bob sits and waits patiently outside of the car (on leash)... The man runs by again and in a sarcastic tone yells "thank you" ... Uggghhhh
Go feed your goldfish PSEUDO SWEARING.

I wish there was a dog friendly place I got take Bob swimming or for a hike that is not overpopulated ... Or a dog park.
I wish there were no "non dog people".

Rant over ... Thank you
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