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I'm weird. Even my dogs think so.

I did some consulting work a few months back. Helped a fellow motocross/enduro rider learn the mysterious ways of a robotic survey suite. I spent two days with him and his crew(s) explaining all manner of survey items and digital formats to get his information into AutoCad and then how to make AutoCad sit up and sing. It's second nature for me, I can do most of what I taught in my sleep.

He asked what my fees were, and I replied that motocross/enduro guys needed to stick together and it was fun hanging with him and his family(free meals whoohoo!). I also added jokingly that I wanted a unicycle. Guess what showed up on my doorstep today?

A unicycle. A Nimbus mountain edition even. High $$ affair. I can't ride it, it tosses me off the instant I have both hands clear of a wall or something solid. It's fun to try tho. Works the core hard and makes you have to WANT to balance. The dogs? Hysterical over the thing thus far. it's an evil thing that's trying to hurt their two-legs. Once I'm up and zipping around on this contraption I'll try and get vids of the dogs herding a unicycle.

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