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Default Vaccine Reaction(non GSD)

My friend got the lepto shot for both her dogs on Saturday. By Sunday one of the dogs was acting more lethargic and running a temp, but she chalked it up to being exhausted because of an all day play date on Sunday. I got a text this morning because she wasn't going to work, but taking him in to the vet. The vet said a reaction to the shot and his temp was almost 105. Is it normal to still be running a temp 5 days after the vaccine? He weighs about 30 pounds and is 3 yrs old. She also gave him revolution on Tues, which he always gets without issue. The reg vets aren't in, so she seen another vet that was filling in. I don't think it's normal to have a fever for that many days. What do you guys think? He is really not wanting to eat and picks at his food and she had to pour some water from a bottle for him to drink. He is also walking stiffly, which might be because of where the shot was given. I think she should possibly call a different vet, what do you guys think?
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