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Stealing treats, please help

Not exactly sure if this belongs on this thread or not but I need some help. We brought Vader home a few weeks ago now and he's been so much better than I could even imagine! However, my roommate has a 2 year old pit/lab mix (Chloe) who was never trained more than to potty outside and sit when she feels like it. I like to give Vader bully sticks and antlers to chew on and he loves them. I bought one for each of them and Chloe chews through hers in a matter of minutes, where Vader will make his last for days... Until Chloe steals it. She does this with everything he plays with or eats reguardless of whether she has her own or not. I cannot afford to keep buying these treats if Chloe can't stop stealing them but I have no clue how to go about stopping the behavior.
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