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General conditioning (spin-off from APTB thread)

I didn't want to take that thread too far off topic, so I'll come here and ask.

What do people here do to condition their dogs? Not necessarily for sport (though that's fine too), but in general?

I've always done my best to keep my dogs in good condition, at a good weight, etc. But since moving to Texas I can certainly see how much harder it is for them in the heat, plus having less time to work with them I can see a degree of deterioration in fitness.

I used to feed exclusively raw, but now I can only do it periodically as I do not have the good sources I had in AL. I know good diet is important to this, though they do still eat "good" kibbles (Orijen is the last bag they've been on).

The other thread has inspired me to try some light weight pull. Does anyone here do this with their dogs, and does anyone have a good harness rec? I've considering making my own, as I would only be using light weights (no more than 15-20 lbs), but I'm not sure how hard that will be.

Also thinking about APBTs, I've considering making a spring pole. I imagine that could help strengthen some neck/leg muscles?

Just looking for general ideas/thoughts. I'm mostly interested in Ridley, as I am actually trying to do things with him right now (herding, tracking, some protection work), where as Mulder is mostly taking it easy. This is him at his best:

Its harder for me to tell what is "fit", relative to other breeds who's definition is easier to see due to a shorter coat. But I'd like to get him as good as I can get him.

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