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Originally Posted by Colie CVT View Post
I just kind of find it funny when people are concerned if their dog doesn't weigh a certain amount by a certain age. I've seen a bunch of the threads, people wondering if they will have a dog who is over 100 lbs, less than 80 lbs. Most people seem to have males that are at least 80 lbs that I have seen once grown lol.

And then here I am with my just over a year male doing a happy dance that he finally is not only staying over 60 lbs, but is around 63 lbs.

No one remarks on how skinny he is. Any time that I mention I am surprised not to get remarks on how skinny he is, people shoot back at me, but he's fit. So I think I'm the only one who is bugged by his ribs being easy to see lol.

Here's a few recent pictures to show what I mean...

I know what you mean. I was never concerned about my dog weighing a ton. I ended up with a 100 pound gsd. But it wasnt like i wanted him that weight to impress people. I wish he were smaller. But such is life. I think your dog looks fine.
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