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Summer went so fast. Kids started school today.

Summer went so fast this year. I was able to have the girls for some of it. They are going into third grade this year. Time does fly!

Besides spoiling my dogs, they have gone to horse camp, theater camp, math monkey camp, gymnastics, a day camp for all things south/central America, an overnight camp for 3 days and 2 nights, conservation camp at the national park, and 4H camp in my neighborhood -- I had them the rest of that time, and took them to the fair and dog class with Moofie, and to get the puppies groomed. They also went to Paris, London, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Venice, and Ireland.

At my house my sister gave them each a book to take them from 2-3rd grade, and the other from 3rd to 4th grade in 45 lessons, one page each of math and reading -- we finished it this weekend. They also do their piano lessons at my house, and I can take them to see the grand parents.

We read through all the Chronicles of Narnia save The Magician's Nephew, are currently reading These Happy Golden Years at my house, and listening to The Fellowship of the Ring in the car. Since Elena has finished the first four Harry Potter Books, we've watched the first four movies. And we finished off Buck Rodgers.

Early this summer, I started letting the girls help me with the dogs. Since Gretta and Ninja acted kind of scary, I went into their kennels myself. But after they had come out a couple of times, I put the girls in Cujo's area and let Gretta out. She sniffed them through the fence and licked their hands, so I let the girls out, and she was fine with them. I told the girls they need to let her come to them.

Then I introduced both to Ninja. Ninja is mostly black and kind of scary, but they love her now. She jumps up on the dog house to get pets and hugs from them too now. So they can go into all my kennels and give the dogs food and water. Only Analisa showed any interest in wielding the pooper scooper, so I get that privilege. But Elena has helped me groom Dolly and Milla.

This past weekend, we let Gretta in, and she really enjoyed being in with the girls. They will help make up her food and put the warm water over the enzymes, etc.

And we have taken puppies to the park. If no one but us are there we can let them run around while they play on the climby stuff. If people are there, we have to hang on to the leashes. But the girls are really good with handling them now.

It sucks, but they have to go back to school now. I'm bummed. I think this has been the quickest summer ever. Leaves are falling all over my kennels. It finally got warm out, and the kids are back at school.

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