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Originally Posted by GatorBytes View Post
Please help spread the word to stop this nonsense, the senseless abuse of our pets in the name of raising $$$ for high profit organizations. Some 80 million has been raised b/c of the "ice bucket" challenge. What % goes to CEO of ALS society and how much goes to research?....maybe we should do an ALS us your books and we'll donate if more then 90% goes to actual research for "cure".

Stop senseless fund raising that is hurting our pets (by idjits...not all of us are this stupid but enough are....

look at the face of this dog...

if you know of other links, please post
I agree! > I don't really understand why its necessary to use your dogs during the challenge. I don't even think the challenge has a point. If you wanna donate to ALS THEN DONATE!
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