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Diet for sensitive stomach

My poor pup seems to have a sensitive stomach. His stools are large and not very well formed, and he has loose, "pudding" stools daily. We ruled out parasites, and the vet seems to think we just need to find the right diet that works for him- which is what I need help with!

Can anyone recommend a very basic diet? Needs to be affordable and preferably able to purchase locally. I'm looking for something with just one or 2 protein/meat sources; it seems a lot of foods out there have 3 and 4 different meat sources. Because my dog has megaesophagus and I mix up his food with soaked kibble and canned food, I need can food suggestions as well. I know a lot of people here feed raw or homemade diets, but that is not an option for me.

He's currently on Simply Nourish lamb and oatmeal with venison canned, and while he's done the best on Simply Nourish so far, between the soft stools and a few ingredients I don't like in the food, I'd like to switch him off. He's been on Blue Buffalo and Science Diet Ideal Balance canned in the past, and didn't do well on either. He's getting a probiotic right now, but it hasn't helped a ton and it's not meant to be given long term.

Thanks in advanced!
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