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Originally Posted by Liesje View Post
I believe the dock diving titles are through UAD. You need 5 jumps in a division to title and they have to be in one season (season starts over in Sept. I think). Then you can start earning points for each jump and earn *UKC* titles as you earn points, and the points do carry over (you don't start fresh every season). You do not need any registration to dock dive with UAD but if you have a UKC number you can use it to get the points added for their titles.
His first splashes will be in mid Sept , so that is good. There is probably one more event that we can do within that year. I'm interested in the title part. I've never titled a dog in anything, so I figured id start with something like this so I can either title through UAD or UKC or both? If I don't register him with UKC, will it still be considered a title? How do the points work for the UKC? Does that coincide with the UAD or does that come after the titles with them? I probably should have researched this more then 3 weeks before the event

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