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The saga of Woolf and stairs

First, it isn't because he is scared of them thankfully. It may help if he did respect them just a bit..... isn't gonna happen.

It seems the deck stairs have gotten slick over the summer. Nope, nothing growing on them . It is time to clean and restain the deck/stairs and we are trying deciding how to do this AND remedy the slipping the dogs are doing.

Just staining will not affect the slip factor. Has anyone used the Rustoleum Deck Restore and how was the finished surface? Did it have traction, or same as a painted surface? Another option we are trying to avoid doing is the outdoor grit roll tape, but will use it if we have to. Has anyone tried this and did it last very long?

Any other ideas? Woolf already has a very distinguished scar from slipping and hitting his head on the post. We are trying to avoid either dog having a serious injury.

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