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Originally Posted by robk View Post
I don't personally think that all dogs really need to be IPO titled to be deemed breed worthy. However, the GSD is a working breed, so it should have some working experience to speak of. It could be IPO, Herding, police, SAR, what ever. Just as long as the dog is really tested. That is the important thing to me. The dog just needs to be trainable and be able to work under pressure.
Right and working in some households is the dog watching over the house. There are lots of pet homes that aren't involved in anything and those dogs aren't bad off because it works for the family. Yes it would be great if all GSD's could be involved in something but they aren't and that doesn't make them any less of a GSD. Geez if everyone set out to make their GSD's breed worthy we would have many more in shelters and dying daily. There has to be a balance somewhere. This is a wonderful breed and I could never tell someone they don't have a quality dog because it doesn't do this or that. That dog means the world to them no matter what the dog does.

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