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I have gotten that feeling on here more then once. Threads that have nothing to do with bite work all of the sudden have someone making a comment about it. I tend to ignore threads that even remotely look like it will favor one type of dog. I have no interest in IPO and yet I took Robyn for an evaluation. Why? I felt that I had to prove something and I'm still not even sure to who. She passed, whoop d do. After she passed I told them no thanks and moved on to agility. I have a Craigslist GSD and a shelter GSD and they are perfect. My focus is enjoying my dogs and to do what's right by them with diet, exercise, and veterinarian care. I'm not going to let science decide that because my dogs come from a breeder that they might or might not get ill. I also have nothing against breeders that put everything they have into producing the GSD, whether it's a show dog, therapy dog, agility dog, or police dog, etc. No one can predict what will happen no matter where they come from. It's the same with kids, we can only hope they will be healthy and we certainly aren't going to give them up if they get sick, we just don't know. They all need a home and they all deserve one. At the end of the day I know I have very stable good temperament dogs and I don't care if they would protect and I don't need them to bite a sleeve to prove it one way or the other. I go to sleep at night feeling blessed to have them in my life and I feel safe. I can only hope they know how much I love them and what I would do to keep them safe. I don't have anything against people who do the sport, but I don't think those dogs are any better then the rest and that is the feeling I get from some(not all). I just don't let it bother me anymore and I enjoy what I have and they can enjoy what they have, so everyone is happy.

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