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Degenerative Myelopathy? Hip Dysplasia?

Hey all!
I'm new to these forums and I don't have a German Shepard. I have a 2 year old Golden Retriever.
But, I hear that GSD get DM a lot. Which is an extremely sad and unfortunate case.
Sadie is my first dog. She is my life. She is healthy and happy. The only issue is, is that when we go out for walks she sometimes scrapes her nails on the pavement. This happens about 1-3 times on her walks. She's been doing this for at LEAST a year. Could this be DM?
Yesterday, we went to the park. We haven't been to the park in ages. It was extremely busy every second runners or bikers would ride by. Sadie scraped her nails at least 15 times. I was in a panic. The day before she had only scraped them once.
I took her home and had her walk in the neighborhood. She scraped them once and that was it. It's been hot and humid recently, maybe that could contribute to this? I'm not sure.

I'm taking her to the vet on the 3rd for X-Rays. I'm very scared.

Could you share your knowledge on DM and how it starts out? What else could this nail scraping be?

Thank you so much.

-Sadie and Alyssa
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