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Anal Gland Expression

So today we brought Brutus in due to a problem with anal leakage. The vet expressed his gland. She came in to tell us shortly that the gland had been so infected that blood was rushing in to the gland to help fight off infections. He was put on Clavomax and an anti inflammatory. We are hoping that the infection will be gone by next week. The doctor told us if the infection isn't gone or better by the time we go in next week they would have to sedate him and flush it out with antibiotics. Has anyone else had to go through this before ? I am nervous that the infection won't go away and he will have to be sedated.
--- We also noticed some bumps on his chest. The vet shaved his chest where they were but couldn't tell if they were bug bites or something else. Sunday he started off with 2 now there is 3 of them. She scraped the scab part off of them and they look like bumps the size of a a pencil eraser. She told us if those weren't healed and gone by next week we would have to do a Biopsy. I am a nervous wreck. HELP PLEASE.
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