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There are many people in Michigan on the board. Not sure about Metro Detroit but at least some outside the city. I think there is a SchH club not far from you. Not exactly sure where the group from Wildhaus trains but thought it was in your area.

People tend to respond based on time of day, has the subject been beat to death, is the poster combative. Stupidity almost always gets many responses! So if you aren't getting responses maybe you are just really smart!!!

Some of us have met off the board. Some of us just really get along well. Some are on our facebooks. Many of us "know" each other from before the board was bought and many don't post on here very much anymore because of the nature of the board now.

And we always like mechanical minded women. We need more of them.

ETA: Ok....just read Lala's posts. I was being a smartass. No, the stupidity getting responses is NOT directed at you, Lala!!!

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