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So how did you all become friends?

Hey there fellow forum readers...So this is totally in the spirit of friendship so I welcome all opinions. So I notice when some members post, no one really talks to them, and when others do, it's like everyone and their mama has something to say. Is there something I am missing here? Are most of you friends outside of this board? Are there some that only socialize with breeders and not, no rudeness intended, so called pet owners? I've never really paid attention to dynamics of the internet or such, as I am a marketing/sales manager in the hydraulic industry. Most of my connections are face to face, so I sort of lack perhaps in the online etiquette. What do you suggest to become more closer knit with others that have a love for the GSD breed? Is there maybe a Metro Detroit region thread where perhaps I can connect with others in my vicinity? Once again, my apologies if I am coming off as rude in anyway. I just want to state that is not my intention, just curious has to how to connect/establish relationships with like minded people
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