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Originally Posted by joshj408 View Post
I'll be bringing my pup home on saturday and i'm looking for suggestions for both things to do with him and things to stay away from when bringing a puppy home for the first time. any help would be greatly appreciated!
Never used a crate either....however I did have a big living area for the pooches in the backyard with an entrance through the back door into a dog house.

The parvo threat until they are fully immunized should be taken seriously....places like Petco/dog parks etc probably not a good idea for a pup as one never knows how many infected/sick dogs might have passed through.

I think being super proactive during the socialization process is wise....a bad event or two can mess with many a pup going forward. I'm not suggesting an over the top coddling mentality but no need for a pup to get rolled by an aggressive older dog or be intimidated by a jackass of a human. The events which happen during the socialization process can work so well for both you and the pup just as it can work against you if certain events take place.....

I think the emphasis on fun and positive feedback while your new pup explores the world slowly and surely will make for a better overall experience for all going forward.

You're going to have a blast, especially if you have some patience and understanding that Rupp is just but a wee pup when you get him. Be Rupp's fearless leader and you are on your way to a furry best bud for life.


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