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Default New Rescue Pup

WELL some almost tragic circumstances for this pup. Took her in last week as a foster, but we have since decided to just take her permanently since Lena has bonded with her. She is as far as we know, a purebred GSD. Her mother was owned by an elderly hispanic gentlemen down river from us who was about to surrender her and her mother. Her mother unfortunately was not a very well socialized dog, but I heard she was going to a special home. Since my cousin is starting her own rescue (will post more information, but basically it's an organization that helps out Hispanic/Latino persons who have issues with language barriers and such in regards to surrendering or assistance with their pets), she asked me if I would help her on this one. Health check came back good, but we are keeping an eye on her. Just a couple of pictures her name is Della

EDITED TO ADD: I definitely now see why there are so many discussions on the breed standard. I will post better pictures, but Della I believe is more of the "breed standard" while Lena is obviously quite larger.
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