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It probably could be beneficial from a continued socialization standpoint. Your older dog will have their "dog talk" down. So the pup will get a lesson in dog interaction any time they interact with your older dog. It should start to give him an idea of certain boundaries, what behaviors become obnoxious after a while, etc. Of course, if anything gets out of hand, step in. I just always try to make sure someone isn't depending on their older dog to teach a puppy because I get lots of people who go off the deep end with that and it becomes a problem I have to fix later.

The big things I do are interacting with the puppy to establish boundaries and rules, allowing interaction with other dogs in the household in supervised time so I can manage any behavior that starts to get out of hand, and instituting separation time where the puppy is away from the other dogs either relaxing in a crate or doing a training session with me.
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