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Originally Posted by pyratemom View Post
We had been burglarized previously many many years ago but not since I have a resident German Shepherd. I have an emergency sign next to my door that says "In case of emergency please rescue my pets" and then there is a space to list how many and what type. The top line says "1 German Shepherd" and the second says "1 cat". I didn't put that there to keep criminals out but to save my animals. There is an NRA sticker right next to it. I'm no longer a member of the NRA but between those two stickers, a robber should think twice I would think. I don't expect my dog to protect me. I am fully armed and ready to protect her though. I pity the person that tries to harm my daughter or my dog.
That is a really good idea to have an "in case of emergency sign" I would have never thought about that.. Especially if you are incapacitated and the police/ambulance have to come in without warning, and maybe the person there can't control your dog.. Food for thought.. thanks.

To the OP.. I have not had such an experience but I am interested to hear other's stories.


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