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Originally Posted by lhczth View Post
German dog terms do not always translate cleanly to everyday terms. That became very obvious to me years ago when I asked my German neighbor to translate a breed survey. I know when clubs have a German judge come over who doesn't speak English they have to find a translator who knows dog stuff or the translations do not translate cleanly to English.

Fuß (fuss) is easy - foot or heel in dog training
Platz - place, spot, area, location, position, or down in dog training
Sitz - to have a seat or sit in dog training
Hier - here or come

Nice short words. I doubt there are any German speaking people on this board old enough to know when and why these particular words were chosen.
I agree completely! Like I said in my original post, I think that a lot of it has become German-to-English slang-type words. Thanks for the insight with the German neighbor. Did he at least understand it well enough to kinda go, "Oh, well, that makes sense, too," or did he think it was a little ridiculous?
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