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Question about Command Meanings

This is really random (sorry if it's not in the right place; I couldn't find any other place to ask this), but I just HAVE to ask this question.

If you're training your dog as a sport prospect, I'm betting you use some German commands. You may use "sitz," "platz," "fuss," etc., am I right? So here's my question...

How did "platz" become "down" and "fuss" become "heel"? I got called out in my class last night that "platz" does NOT mean "down" (I didn't feel like going into the whole "he's a working dog, and it's become German-to-English slang for 'down'" thing) and of course "fuss" does not mean "heel." Can anyone give some insight as to how these commands came about? I don't know if there are any native Germans on this site, but if there are, your insight would be much appreciated, as well. I'm just very curious.
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