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Default Do you have names picked out already for future dogs?

Fun little question I think. Do you have names picked out for future dogs? Or have you ever actually used pre-picked names?

My entire life growing up I wanted a german shepherd named Captain. I dreamed about my Captain! At 18 I bought my first ever dog, a GSD, and named him.... Zeke?? Lol don't know where the name came from honestly or why I ever picked it but I love it!

Next I wanted for several years a darker sable shepherd that I was definitely going to name Kaiser. Now I have my sable... Berlin haha. (After I put the deposit down I actually really wanted to name him Zombie (more after rob zombie vs the walking dead :P ) but that name quickly got shot down by just about everyone)

Now I feel like I would really like to name my next GSD, a future female, Rem. I really like the name for some reason but we'll see when the time actually comes
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