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bad experience with raw,but going for it again help :/

Hello here's a little story ..
Ok so I want to start feeding my 4 month old raw diet once again that I mean I have tried it before when he was like 2 1/2 months old(he was eating kibble with the breeder).it was a really bad experience for us.he got so sick, throw up and really loose I mean loose stool like if he was peeing.insted of solid stool I took him to the vet and spend around $250 to get him back on track all they said was feed him rice with boil chiken we did and he got better im feeding him dry kibble
I've tried everything and he does not eat (just a lil and he walks away )
Tried Blue buffalo wilderness
Chicken recipe
Red meat

Tried Merrick
And now texas stake
He dose not eat like before,no appetite what so ever I have to force him to eat I need help please
First of all I messd up because I switch him instantly to raw. I did not know the process..
I fead him chicken brest, chicken neck,liver and a bit of heart all chicken .ALSO beef stake ,turkey turkey neck
Gave him about
50% chicken breast
35% chiken neck
15% liver and heart :/
The amount I belive I gave him what I thought was enough I say 2 lbs a day 1 in the am and 1 in pm
was that good ??????????

Any of you can tell me how to start again he loved the rawdiet he would devour it lol
Ive read that its healthy and simply better.
Also what else do I add to the diet I mean should I add omega 3 ?vitamins ?if so what vitamins ?

Thanks for taking a minute of your time to read my post ..
Victor and Nikko
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