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5th Puppy Shot if 4th was at 15.5 weeks???

I'm curious what you all think about the vet's suggestion that Bruin needs another round of the puppy vaccine (DAPP). Below is what when he has gotten so far.

The breeder vaccinated him at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks; the vet advised that they were too close together so virtually the one at 6 weeks doesn't count. Also, he said the last shot should be at 16 weeks; since he was 15.5 weeks at shot #4 (shot was on a Friday, his 16 week mark was the following Tuesday), does he need another DAPP?

6/10/2014, Tuesday @ 6 weeks old exactly - DAPP #1
6/24/2014, Tuesday @ 8 weeks old exactly - DAPP #2
7/18/2014, Friday @ 11.5 weeks old - DAPP #3
8/15/2014, Friday @ 15.5 weeks old - DAPP #4, Bordetella #1

Note: I plan to give him another Bordetella 4 weeks from the first. I also didn't allow the vet to give the dewormer since his fecals were negative. I plan to do the rabies shot at least 2 weeks after his last puppy shot, farther out if possible.

I really don't want to over-vaccinate, so your thoughts are much appreciated!
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