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Lux has been diagnosed with Parvo

Lux has been dealing with runny stools for about three days now, I first assumed it was his food change or something he may have eaten in the yard but after a long morning at the vets, he has tested positive for parvo. I was very emotional and overwhelmed whenever I was first told the news. Growing up in a family that breeds and shows dogs, we've never had this problem and I've only heard the worst of it. Luckily my vet says I could not have brought him in sooner as diarrhea is his only symptom. He's still eating and drinking plenty, also being a puppy like puppies should. He's been put on cephalexin, metronidazole, cerenia and tamiflu.

I've contacted my breeder and she suggested pedialyte to add to his water, if anyone has any other tips or advice to help my little man through his fight I would greatly appreciate it! He will be ten weeks this upcoming Wednesday and I will keep this updated on his condition. Lux has been diagnosed with Parvo-imageuploadedbypg-free1409004470.367379.jpg
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